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Articles :page_facing_up:

Unfortunately many articles are behind paywall now, especially old Bloomberg ones.

Field Overview

Articles by Practitioners

Academic Papers :clipboard:

Journal of Economics Perspective Symposiums

Susan Athey Papers- Prof. of Economics @ Stanford Graduate School of Business

Videos/Lectures :tv:

Susan Athey Videos - Prof. of Economics @ Stanford Graduate School of Business

Hal Varian Videos - Chief Economist @ Google

Sendhil Mullainathan Videos - Prof. of Economics @ Harvard University

Other Videos

Economists/Data Scientists :woman: :man:

Academia :school:


Person Affiliation Comments
Matthew Harding University of California - Irvine Check the Deep Data Lab
David Broockman Stanford -
Andrew B. Hall Stanford -
Ariel Procaccia CMU -
Dario Sansone Georgetown University Dario has compiled an informative list on ML and Economics
Soubhik Barari Harvard University -
Matteo Courthoud University of Zurich Matteo has very good teaching resources on his website

Industry :office:


Economist Company Comment
Emily Glassberg Sands Coursera Data Science Head
Jed Kolko Indeed Chief Economist
David H Reiley Pandora Economist- Advertising Science
Jacob LaRiviere Microsoft Economist
Dan Goldstein Microsoft Economist
Matt Goldman Microsoft Economist - Studies online economic behavior and decision making
Justin M. Rao Microsoft Economist -Member of interdisciplinary research group combining social science with computational and theoretical methods

Courses/ Degrees :mortar_board:

Course/Degree Type Institution Prof Detail type          
M.S. Economics & Computation Masters Degree Duke - :newspaper_roll:          
Computer Science , Economics and Data Science Bachelors Degree MIT - :newspaper_roll:          
Machine Learning and Data Science in Politics Course MIT In Song Kim :bookmark_tabs:          
Data Analysis for Social Scientists Course MIT Esther Duflo & Sara Fisher :bookmark_tabs: :computer: :open_book:          
R-Based High Performance Computing for Social Science Course MIT Soubhik Barari :bookmark_tabs:          
Data Science for Politics Course Stanford   :bookmark_tabs:          
Machine Learning and Causal Inference Course Stanford Susan Athey :bookmark_tabs:          
Data for Sustainable Development Course Stanford Marshall Burke, Stefano Ermon, David Lobell :bookmark_tabs:          
Big Data Course Brown Daniel Bjorkegren :bookmark_tabs:          
Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems Course Harvard Raj Chetty :bookmark_tabs: :computer: :open_book:          
Industrial Organization and Data Science Course Microsoft Justin Rao :bookmark_tabs:          
Data Science for Game Theory and Pricing Course Microsoft Jacob :bookmark_tabs:          
Machine Learning and Econometrics Course Stanford/Berkley Susan Athey, Guido Imbens :bookmark_tabs: :computer: :open_book:          
Enviornmental Economics and Data Science Course University of Oregon Grant McDermott :bookmark_tabs:          
Designing the Digital Economy Course Yale Glen Weyl :bookmark_tabs: Machine Learning for Economics Course Notes University of Zurich Matteo Courthoud/ Damian Kozbur :bookmark_tabs: